Basic Carbine 2

Basic Carbine 2

Time: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Place: Gunshop, 11305 East Mapleton Road, Mapleton

Cost: $85 each student

Age: Must be 21 years or older, or accompanied by a legal guardian

Items to bring with you:

Clothing appropriate to the weather/activity

Good boots or hikers

Gloves for protecting your hands without restricting your firearm manipulation



Hearing/eye protection – electronic hearing protection is preferred

Sack lunch


Carbine rifle, magazine fed

Pistol or Revolver

Belt holster (kydex preferred)

Quality belt

Magazine carrier or speedloader carrier

Rifle magazine carrier (belt or bag)

50 rounds pistol ammunition

350 rounds rifle ammuntion

Three or more pistol magazines

Four to ten rifle magazines


This class covers NRA rules of safety, review of Basic Carbine 1 objectives, adding in transitions from rifle to pistol, ambidextrous transitions, transitions on the move, ambidextrous shooting from cover, transitions at cover, movement to cover, beginnings of safe movement with team mates, closing scenarios.

Course Objectives:

This course is intended to provide the student with skillsets to allow him/her to safely and effectively operate a carbine and pistol seamlessly in a defensive role.  The student will be apprised in the effective use of cover.  The student will be able to safely move and shoot in relation to teammates or non-combatants.  This course is a prerequisite for Team Tactics 1.


Basic Carbine 1, Defensive pistol 101, concealed carry class.  Prerequisites may be waived if the student can demonstrate safe handling of a pistol during draw stroke, loading/unloading, movement, taking cover, and while assuming kneeling and prone shooting positions.  Basic Carbine 1 will prove more difficult to waive due to the specific nature of the carbine training.

Classes can be specially scheduled for days other than Saturdays if the group is large enough (min. four students), or the prospective student(s) is/are willing to pay a premium fee.

If you have any questions, wish to reserve a spot in a scheduled class, or desire to schedule a special class time, please email us at, or call us at 541-268-4504.

Class Schedule, 2010

***Class dates subject to change.  Be sure to reserve your spot in class at your earliest convenience.  Class dates subject to rescheduling due to rain.***

March 6th

April 17th

May 15th

June 19th

August 21st


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